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Tour To Lamno – Women being called the blue eyes of Aceh

Lamno is one of the location in Northwest Aceh ( Aceh Jaya distric ). Not many Indonesian knows that here in this place, descended from Portuguese sailors whose ship were shipwrecked and married local women. Only a few remain,as most died during the Aceh tsunami and they are Muslims.

Visit Nagan Raya – To Explore And Find Amazing Gemstones Jewelry

Nagan Raya Regency is a regency in the Aceh, The seat of the regency government is at Suka Makmue.Nagan Raya is a well known place for Giok gemstones top quality e.g.Idocrase, Solar, Black Jade, Neprhate, etc. Buy a stone for your pleasure, if you do not feel comfortable dealing with loose stones and are just looking for regular set gemstones, negotiate a great price at the dealer, prices are fair, quality is OK and we will provide transportation to their factory shop.

Travel To Tapaktuan – A Beautiful City Full Of Mysteries.

Tapaktuan is a town in the southwest of Aceh province, fairly remote and rugged town on the coast of southwest facing the Indian Ocean, affectionately dubbed by many foreign tourists as “the prettiest town in Sumatra.” Tapaktuan is known as the Dragon City which comes from a legend of the Dragon Princess and Tuan Tapa, who, has become a regional icon passed down from generation to generation. has several beaches to visit, mostly undeveloped, traditional and family friendly, in fact they are so good, the tapaktuan people seem to want to keep it to themselves !

Ship To Simeulue Island – To Buy Cloves And Discover Culture

The island is popular with cloves plantation, palm oil and lobster as the main commodity. The population of the region are similar to Nias tribes, characterized by yellow skin and slanted eyes like Chinese and they have different language with the mainland of Aceh, and most of the people are Muslim. Simeulue has the longest fetch out of any other Indonesian Island. It can utilize swells from the West, such as around Africa and Madagascar and does not just have to rely on Southern swells like most other Indo spots.


  • Semua dalam kondisi good untuk hotel, restaurant, and Car. but next time rehat sejenak for shower to hotel before dinner. terima kaseh pak atas souvenir, saya suka semua food yang bapak berikan.

    Puan Zaitun and Family - Batu Cave KL
  • I had my nephew stay with me last week and we decided to try the tour out. It was exciting and interesting seeing Aceh like that, my our knowledge of Aceh increased and was inspired by our tour Guide, Thanks ALT for the best Experience.

    syahril - Shah Alam
  • Terima kasih saya ucapkan atas perkhidmatan yg disediakan Kami amat berpuas hati. Pemandu pon sgt sporting, Pak Indera the best

    UMS - Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Thank you for your tour arrangement.. .My customer satisfied… and Thank U Very Much For The Gift

    Ms. Hani - Azam Tavel & Tours SDN.BHD.
  • We had a great tour with my sons and two granddaughters. It was terrific fun, and our guide was brilliant, kept everybody in fits of laughter. Thank you ALT !

    Mrs. Faridah - Johor
  • I just wanted to thank you for making our visit so comfortable, everything was excellent. Most of our guides were brilliant in terms of their knowledge. I would like to mention one guide in particular who was extremely friendly and helpful – Jaka in the city of Banda Aceh. We liked her very much; he is an asset to your Business.

    Mr.Ramli and family - SG
  • saudara fauzan.. bagi pihak keluarga ..saya mengucapkan terima kasih di atas perkhidmatan terbaik pada kami..insyaalah kami akan bagi dokongan terbaik nanti.

    Tn.Mohd Rashid Jamil and family - Kajang, Selangor
  • Nyaman, aman dalam perjalanannya, ditambah lagi dengan tour guidenya yang handsome.

    Mrs.Donna and Friends - Jakarta
  • Thanks for tour arrangements and itinerary, all my guest very satisfied.

    En. Nawi - Kembara Sufi Tavel & Tours SDN.BHD.
  • Terima kaseh pak ! ai nak ucapkan buat agency, atas professional attitude, ai and family memberikan apresiasi terhadap service yang terbaik terhadap customer, kami tidak akan melupakan tour selama di Aceh yang penuh surprise.

    Tn. Yasin & Family - KL


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Aceh Land Tours is the best way to enjoy your holiday in Aceh, especially if time is limited. Our expert guides can help your group get the very best out of your visit. Each tour is supported by a special FREE souvenir. Further gifts and foods are available on our store.

Snacks, Coffee, Fruits, Spice, T-shirts, Keychain, etc.

We have many stories about tsunami, Acehnese and culture that you’ve never read or heard about them before. we are delighted to hear your questions about the place we’re visiting and really proud to show our province to the world.



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